Education Devices of the Future


E-learning really opens up the door for creative learning. Since most students are “digital natives,” they respond well to new technology. E-learning devices can also be adapted to almost any grade level. Many instructors like to post homework, readings, and other information on a website or a blog. This means that your students can study almost anywhere and at any time. Technology has made learning more convenient. Some teachers find that their students are more motivated to learn, and they enjoy participating in educational games.


I may be gung ho about education technology, but it has its drawbacks as well. For instance, your teachers may have to spend extra time learning how to implement new technology. Since many tech devices are expensive, it’s difficult to involve every student. While some studies are for these devices, others say they hinder learning. Dr. Andrew Meltzoff conducted a study where he found that babies who spent less time in front of a TV, and more time in front of people speaking, had a larger vocabulary.

Digital Divide

The digital divide often refers to the gap between the older and younger generations, but it can be based on other factors like geography, education, income, etc. For instance, some families don’t have internet access at home, so it would be unfair to require a student to do their homework online. Technology is supposed to make things easier, not more difficult! It’s important that professional development training focuses on new technologies and that these teachers are instructed on how and when to use new technology.

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